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Byyd is the most advanced mobile media buying platform in the market. Our technology enables advertisers to connect with precisely, programmatically targeted mobile audiences.


Mobile requires dedication and understanding of its unique challenges and opportunities. With over 100,000 campaigns delivered in five years Byyd has the technology and talent that enables you to reach and engage your audience in a mobile-first world.


The mobile landscape is complex and still evolving. Byyd cuts through the chaos, giving you unparalleled transparency, control and efficiency through intuitive tools that seamlessly integrate with the way your business works.


You want results. Byyd gives you a highly scaled, robust technology platform and effective algorithms that deliver proven engagement for the biggest advertisers, agencies, trading desks and mobile operators in the world.

What our clients say

How to work with us

With a choice of SaaS or managed services, Byyd offers two approaches to power your mobile advertising strategy, tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Byyd Pro

Byyd pro is our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

By using our intuitive self-service tools, you’re in control and benefit directly from our Precision Audience Engine for pinpoint audience targeting, reach across RTB exchanges, enterprise-grade infrastructure and algorithms that deliver clear-cut ROI.

Byyd Media

Byyd media is our managed model.

Our team of mobile native expert is here to handle every aspect of your campaigns’ successful delivery. From planning to execution and on through reporting and analytics, get all the benefits of Byyd’s technology with our expertise focused on solving your challenges.

Meet Madison

Madison is Byyd's technology platform. It drives everything Byyd does, enabling advertisers to precisely target mobile audiences globally with performance, rich media and video ad campaigns across a wide range of inventory sources, driving direct response, consumer engagement and brand awareness.

Meet Madison

Precision Audience Engine
drives seamless audience targeting across the mobile web and app space

Precision Campaign Management
enables marketers to create and optimise campaigns quickly and easily

Precision Machine Learning
optimises to goals through advanced algorithms that deliver ROI against campaign objectives

Precision Infrastructure
enables market-leading reliability and security through our data-ready deployment architecture

Precision Reach & Scale
means wide, scalable connectivity to cut through to individual sites and apps

Meet the team

Victor Malachard

CEO & Co-Founder

Victor Malachard is Co-founder and CEO of Byyd. Under his leadership, Byyd has grown to a global organisation at the forefront of the mobile DSP space.

Meet Madison

Wes Biggs

Chief Architect & Co-Founder

Wes Biggs is Co-founder and Chief Architect at Byyd. He has spearheaded the creation of Byyd’s sophisticated proprietary technology platform that handles billions of mobile advertising transactions daily.

Meet Madison

Arthur Crocker


Arthur is Byyd’s COO and CFO. A qualified accountant (ACA), Arthur spent 14 years at PwC where he worked in fields including audit, due diligence, listed company transactions, forensic accounting and litigation.

Meet Madison

Case Studies

Our case studies are our proof of performance, showing how we cut through complexity to help our clients unlock the value of mobile advertising.

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Byyd’s expert team of more than 70 mobile advertising technology experts stands ready to help solve your most pressing and complex mobile challenges.

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